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Experience Kung Fu Instruction in the Heart of China at the

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For the person who has a serious interest in the Chinese martial arts, the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School is the ideal setting. Students will find themselves in the heart of China, surrounded by the Song Mountains and the beauty of the Shaolin Temple. This is the place for authentic instruction from Shaolin Monks who have been bearers of great knowledge about the martial arts through out the ages.


Learners can engage in study for different lengths of time. The short term program runs from periods as short as a week up to three months. This is perfect for the individual who is first discovering the wonder of Shaolin Kung Fu. The medium term program is for the student who would prefer more involved study. Periods of study run from four months to as long as a year. For the individual who is truly devoted to Shaolin Kung Fu, the long term of study can last as long as two years. Students will be taught a variety of techniques,such as, Jin Jing, Sanda, Ba Duan Jin, Wing Chun,various Shaolin fist moves, and work with weaponry. Meditation, Buddhism, Acupuncture, and the Mandarin language are all part of the learning experience at the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School. This is a setting where students can completely immerse themselves in the culture, provided instruction from true authorities. Translators are on staff to assist students in understanding.It is amazing place to learn kung fu in china.


Students are provided with comfortable accommodations and Internet connections. They will be able to stay in touch with family and friends while they are engaged in their martial arts studies. Weekends and vacations allow learners to have freedom to explore the land around them. When their course of study is over, they are likely to come back for more.


The Shaolin Kung Fu school brings students from around the globe to come together. They are in a facility where complete focus is devoted to the martial arts. By the time they complete their studies, they will have created bonds with other students that will last a lifetime. Their preparation will enhance their lives in many ways. Their knowledge and the ability to center themselves will assist participants in the pursuit of goals in the future. Many advanced kung fu learners have gone on to share their knowledge by opening schools of their own, ensuring that the fine art of Kung Fu continues to be passed on through future generations.


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