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Use Bathroom Vanities for Style, Comfort, and Storage

by josephbrown

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When was the last time you thought about creating extra storage in your bathroom? When are you planning that much needed renovation around the house or your bathroom? Depending on the area you have or the extra storage you need in your bathroom, you can use latest designs in Bathroom Vanities to recreate the space you want.

There are multiple options which can offer you design as well as storage solutions. Freestanding vanities are ideal for bathrooms where there is enough space. They can include the wash sink, mirrors, cabinets, and even a set of drawers. It comes in many designs and sizes. Mirrors are an integral part of such units and they play an important role. You can opt for a ornamental mirrors to give your bathroom a classic look or use contemporary ones which double as screens.

Linen and wall cabinets are also an excellent example of Bathroom Vanities. They provide ample storage solutions for your bathroom linen and towels as well as applications. You can even use a wall cabinet with a nicely fitted mirror to save some space. There are linen and wall cabinets which come with compact designs and flexi options. You can add or remove shelves to match your storage needs.

Corner vanities are also a great idea to make use of the unused corner in your bathroom to prevent wastage of space. Corner vanities ideally come with a cabinet made up of polyurethane or a top made of Polymarble. If you have space constraints, use narrow bathroom vanities. Narrow vanities have hidden handles, and occupy very less space, at the same time offering you enough storage space.

Wall hung vanities are good for bathrooms which do not have much floor space. They have a streamlined look and you can choose one that matches your style and requirement. Depending on your needs, you can even choose between porcelain tops or stone tops for your vanity cabinets.

Even if you do not need to renovate your entire bathroom but are just looking to add space or storage, you have the option to invest in Bathroom Vanities which can blend with the existing theme of your bathroom. If you have a budget to work within, the avoid corner vanities or cabinets since they come at a steeper price. There is another variety of vanities called the semi-recessed Vanity. It allows for more space saving and flexible options.

Getting custom made vanities have a lot more benefits since you can order them to size. You can even opt for vanities with legs or otherwise. Customized bathroom vanities give you the option of multiple colors too.

The main benefits of using vanities in your bathroom are many. They offer aesthetic appeal, storage, style, comfort, and a sense of additional space with a clever use of vanity mirrors. You can store your toothbrush, towels, bathroom linen, hairdryer, grooming equipment, extra bottles of shampoos and creams, and so on. One feature common between most cabinets or vanities is that traditional designs have wooden cabinets with a synthetic or real stone top. For the top, you can choose from marble, granite or basic tiles.

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