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Keep Fabric & Upholstery TOTALLY Clean!

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As you drive your car, the interior will inevitably need cleaning. Depending upon how careful you are in the car not to spill and make messes, you may have a little soiling or you may have a significant amount. Clean fabric car seats, fabric mats and upholstery to prevent soils and stains from setting. Maintain your car interior regularly to keep it as nice on the inside as it is on the outside.


Shake out the mats. Vacuum the fabric car seats to remove superficial dust and debris. Use the crevice tool attachment to remove dirt accumulating in crevices of the car seats. Use the brush tool attachment to remove as much dust and debris from the fabric as possible.


Sonus ALL-IN-1 Total Auto Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, multi-surface, water-activated cleaning concentrate. Sonus ALL-IN-1 Total Auto Cleaner is not a detergent. It is an ionic cleaner that works by breaking the bond between soil and the car's finish so it can be wiped or rinsed away. The ionic action requires time to work, but can be accelerated by agitation with a sponge or brush. Makes up to 3.5 gallons of cleaner! It comes with a spray bottle and dilution ratios. For fabric and upholstery, it is best diluted with water at 10:1 (strong) to 40:1 (general light cleaning).


Spray Sonus ALL-IN-1 Total Auto Cleaner on a fabric or upholstery. Using a Carrand Deluxe Interior Brush, agitate to work any stubborn stains on the fabric. A second application may be needed for stubborn stains.


Using a quality microfiber towel such as the PFC Interior Detailing Towels, blot and dry fabric to remove any excess moisture.


Sonus ALL-IN-1 Total Auto Cleaner cleans without harsh chemicals and can be used on any surface that can be cleaned with water!


Note: Do not allow Sonus ALL-IN-1 Total Auto Cleaner to dry on surface without rinsing.


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