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How do Websites for Photographers Play Significant Role

by pixpadesign

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If you consider the Trends from the past 8 to 10 years photography as a profession has been explored a lot, this is due to the fact that the developments in digital photography have reached to new heights. Gone are the days of darkroom and traditional ways of developing or capturing an image. It’s an age of digital revolution photography, it has gone a long way so has ways of showcasing your Portfolio. Considering the recent trends, many professional photographers have started creating their own website which helps them not only in showcasing their work but also reach potential client.

If you take a close look at websites for photographers you will see a lot of difference from the past, 8 to 10 years ago the technology was different and sites were largely clumsy. Today, most of the websites for photographers are built with the latest tools like Wordpress, Joomla, with the integration of JavaScript & Flash.

A website is considered as the face of the company or a business, when it comes to websites for photographers it’s a showcase of the photographer’s skills and talents. A great looking website for photographers would define what a photographer has achieved in his professional career. Not only that it’s a best way to get new clients and showcase your skill globally, a website for photographers ultimately defines the photographer itself.

When we take into consideration websites for photographers one has to portray the photographer and their work at a much higher and professional level. Photos can be an inspiration in themselves and the website has to portray that inspiration thus bring forward the whole persona of the photographer.

Below are a few tips for websites for photographers which we will have brief overview.

Creating a Photo Gallery:

When we consider websites for photographers, a portfolio or a photo gallery is the first consideration. By using a photo gallery a photographer can display his/her featured work and the kind of services provided allowing potential customers to view their photography skills.

Don’t choose your own photos.
It is always best to consider other peoples opinion when choosing to display photos on your portfolio. Try to choose 40- 50 of your best photo and let others choose from them and rate it.

Use High Resolution Images:

High resolution images can give a profound impact on your potential clients. A website for photographers is not a place where anyone will expect a 200 x 200 sized image. Show your talent in full depth that’s what High resolution images deliver.

Protect your work:

If you want to showcase your work on your website, you definitely have to post your images online. Once putting your photographs online it’s easier for others to copy it. So once you have a website ready try to add a copyright notice to each photo. If you can register your copyrights that would definitely be a plus. Add Watermarks to your photo, create a right click restriction.

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