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How Effective Order Taking Generates More Revenue

by anonymous

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Order taking is a key function for many marketing campaigns. For example, if you have ever watched an infomercial on late night TV (and many of us have before), you would notice that you are prompted to dial a toll free number to place your order. On the other end of that line is the friendly representative: the order taker. They are tasked with several things. They must ensure the accuracy of your order; they must provide exceptional customer service; they must be mindful and knowledgeable about the product lines; and they will encourage more sales with valuable add-ons, up-sells and cross-sells. It’s a fact: effective order taking will exponentially increase revenues from any marketing campaign. Here are a few reasons why.                       

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a must for order taking. The company selling the products needs to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction with the order taking process. Often this involves underlying training, certain quality assurance benchmarks and call monitoring in order to be successful.

Training and Experience

Training and experience are mandatory. Well trained and highly experienced, veteran reps make a vast difference with any order taking campaign. The results and the final numbers tell the real story. Motivated reps are natural closers; they make customers feel confident by their wide swath of knowledge regarding the products, their calm demeanor, and their enthusiasm.

Up-selling and Cross-selling

Up-selling and cross-selling are pivotal parts of the order taking process. The best reps know how to suggest add-ons that are usable and veritable for the customer. They also are aware of how to deliver the sales in a way that encourages the patron to take advantage of rare deals. This method ensures that orders are doubled or even tripled from just one call.

Outsourcing to Reduce Overhead Cost

There are some methods that companies can undertake in order to reduce their cost for using an order taking campaign. It’s no mystery that when costs go down, profits increase. But one should be mindful to never compromise lower overhead costs in lieu of monetary gains. Quality and experience should come first and foremost. A feasible way of reducing costs without compromising on quality is by considering outsourcing your order taking processes. Tenured outsourcing partners have proven track records of success, and more affordable fees for order taking than domestic service providers offer—making this a realistic method of increasing profit potential.

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