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Benefits Of Securing Training For Direct Access Scheme

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While deciding on motorcycle training in Birmingham, it should be noted that there are two modules in the process. It is mandatory to learn both the modules perfectly in order to pass out the test efficiently. Module 1 motorcycle training Birmingham ensures that the candidates get proper training to pass the test with flying colors.


Some of the training centres conduct the training program exactly on the site where the test would be conducted. This has certain advantages that are featured below:


  • The candidates can practice exactly their on-going courses at the site test is to be given
  • They become familiar with the size as well as the physical arrangement while giving mock tests and practicing schedules.

Module 1 motorcycle training Birmingham includes the following sessions:


  • Wheeling the machine
  • Figure of 8
  • Circuit ride
  • Slalom
  • Slow ride
  • U turn
  • On & off stand and
  • Controlled stop


Thus, Module 1 motorcycle training Birmingham is an important step to be followed properly in order to pass out the practical test in a hassle free manner.


New standards for test of Module 1 include the following:


During the test, the Module 1 should be completed within 10 minutes. Upcoming points are the new standards for conducting test of Module 1:


  • 2 exercises, at least should be conducted at lesser speed including slalom
  • 2 exercises, at least should be conducted at increased speed which needs to be-

-          Either in 2nd or 3rd gear at the speed of 30kph

-          Exercise which avoids obstacle at minimal speed-50kph

  • 2 braking exercises, at least which includes an emergent brake at minimal speed-50kph

Courses for motorcycle training:


Some of the motorcycle training institutes offer both types of training courses, which are being listed below:


  • Compulsory Basic Training or CBT - This training session basically are designed for the beginners into the specific field.
  • Direct Access Scheme or DAS – This scheme is being designed for the candidates those who wish to achieve the complete training for securing the full license for driving motorcycles and get permission to ride a larger bike.


Even such training institutes offer latest techniques for the experienced and talented riders.


Advantages of Direct Access Scheme training:

Once a candidate has reached 21 years of age, he or she can be trained for riding on a bigger motorcycle. This is actually known as Direct Access Scheme. It has many advantages that are listed below:


  •   The candidates get chance to ride on a more powerful and greater bike equivalent to the bike that others buy after passing out the test.
  •   Once learnt, the candidates can get access to ride other bikes as well without any sort of restrictions either on the size of engine or output of power.
  •   This training scheme allows the candidates of larger choices of the machines and is advantageous in riding or commuting.


Thus, this training scheme is really beneficial for the candidates to undergo for riding all types of bikes as per their wishes.

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