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Industrial Lighting Fixtures and Their Multiple Uses

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An overview
Industrial lighting requirements are vastly different from home-based lighting requirements. Facilities such as manufacturing plants, processing units, testing laboratories, malls and superstores, roadways, sports facilities require industrial lighting fixtures. Such lighting fixtures may be used indoor as well as outdoor. While selecting such fixtures, it is important to select only those brands that will give you assured savings, and energy efficiency.

There are certain reputable electrical distributors that offer best-in-class lighting products and electrical fixtures. Whether it is high-bay lighting or low-bay lighting, HDI lighting or fluorescent lighting, there’s a solution for every need.

Applications of industrial lighting fixtures
There are a myriad of places where such lighting fixtures are used. Here a few common areas where industrial lighting is required:

1. Retail sector: Good lighting often translates into good business in the retail environment. In-store merchandise can be highlighted using the right illumination and light effects. Hence, it becomes vital to look at lighting as an investment, and not just a means of investment. The best type of lighting in the retail sector would be one that can be used continuously for over 12 hours, yet offers energy-efficiency.
2. Office and commercial sector: An office or any other commercial establishment (such as a gymnasium) requires a variety of lighting fixtures. The needs could range from perimeter lighting, task lighting, spot lighting, general lighting, or conference room lighting.
3. Lighting for roadways and highways: Providing consistent illumination over hundreds of miles along a highway is possible only with the use of high quality lighting. The lack of appropriate lighting could lead to accidents on highroads. Such lighting also needs to be weather-resistant. It should function as desired in rain, and snow. GE lighting fixtures are widely used for highway lighting.
4. Lighting for hazardous locations: Hazardous locations include refineries, nuclear power plants, mining sites, and so on. These locations witness a lot of splinters, vibrations, or extreme temperatures. Regular lighting solutions simply won’t work in such conditions. Any place with a ‘Hazardous Location’ rating needs to use special lighting fixtures. GE lighting fixtures are recommended for this purpose.

There are several other places such as sports and recreation facilities, public parking lots etc that need to make use of specially designed lighting solutions. Simply stated, any place that needs long-duration lighting solutions and a consistent quality of light can benefit from the use of industrial lighting fixtures. Ancillary accessories such as protective covering and fireproof wiring can also be purchased along with lighting fixtures meant for industrial use.

All types of electrical fixtures—for commercial or industrial use—should ideally be purchased from a reputable distributor. You might want to check the track record of your chosen distributor to make an informed choice.

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