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The Tale Behind Vancouver Plumbers' Namesake

by darryliorio

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Did you know that plumbing and lead have a couple of things in common? Apart from the reality that the pipes of the past used to be created of lead, the term "plumbing" originated from the material itself. To recognize this, here is a glimpse at how lead is truly connected to plumbing.

Lead is number 82 on the periodic table with the sign Pb, which is short for "plumbum," its Latin equivalent term. It was an usual metal in the early world, with historical texts and traces discovered in different excavation sites. Long prior to the ban on the use of lead in modern construction in 1993, plumbing back then was mainly, if not totally, constructed of this soft metal-- therefore, the "plumber" was born. Even with lead from the picture, plumbers in Vancouver or anywhere worldwide are still called such.

The term got stuck with the people who worked with pipelines and their associated components even when more recent products came into play like other metals, and ultimately, plastics. It's rather tough to change something when you're used to a specific term, in this instance, plumbing. It just goes to reveal that if you keep utilizing the term a number of times, it'll at some point stick like epoxy.

Despite the current effort to replace lead pipelines, there are still homes and buildings that use them. In the 1970s, lead came to be a grave health issue not just in the United States but also in the rest of the globe. Lead traces tend to remain in biological tissue for many years, causing a myriad health risks and problems.

No matter how plumbing modifications for the better, the impact of lead will still continue to be in one part: the etymology of the word "plumbing". Even if you desire PVC or PEX piping to change your old lead pipelines, plumbers in Vancouver and worldwide will still be called plumbing technicians. The majority of people won't have it any other way because the term has stuck similar to many other terms have. Besides, calling modern-day plumbing by other names like pexing (PEX pipe) or cupring (copper, from cuprum) does not exactly have a good ring to it.

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