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Outdoor Advertising- For wider exposure of brand message!


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Outdoor Advertising i.e. a form of brand promotion that is launched through an out of home channel or tool is one of the effective means of brand communication. Outdoor Advertising can be in the form of a billboard ad display, an airport advertising campaign or a mall advertising display. In whatsoever avenue it is launched, an outdoor advertising medium provides a wider exposure of brand message among target groups. An OOH ad is usually bright and attractive which is why it is easier for an outdoor advertising to grab the passing attention of many customers. An outdoor ad display makes sure that the public keep seeing the ad display from time to time thus creating a lasting impression of the product in their mind.

An outdoor advertising campaign can also be used to direct customers to your brand or business especially when you have made some changes in the features of your brand or business.  Customers cannot ignore an outdoor ad display as it strikes their attention without failure.  Another additional advantage of an outdoor advertising display is that it is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 31 days a month and sometimes for the whole year. Customers therefore do not miss the brand message because of its continuous exposure.

Outdoor Advertising domain in India is day by day booming. With expanded avenues such as airport advertising, metro advertising and mall advertising, customers find an outdoor ad display more engaging and lively.  The introduction of digital technology is yet another major landmark in OOH domain. Unlike traditional mediums of outdoor advertising, modern OOH campaigns are launched through rich and innovative mediums such as LCD/LED displays, backlit/Frontlit translits, product displays, electronic kiosks, digital billboards etc. Airport and mall advertising campaigns are mostly launched through digital tools of outdoor advertising.

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