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The E-cig: Revolutionising Smoking

by elynieva

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Smoking has been around for several thousand years and for the longest time has been attributed to tobacco illness related deaths. This is because with the use of tobacco, one is subject to harmful elements that are found within the cigarette. Apart from the tar and smoke, there are about 4,000 other elements in a single stick of cigarette. However, with technological advancements in the 21st century, there now is a healthier smoking option; one without any risk of contracting any form of disease. The E-cig is that option. These electronic cigarettes have come in to revolutionise how people approach smoking and are the future of getting your nicotine fix.


An E-cig is a revolutionary gadget created to resemble the actual cigarette. With the same height, width and length the electric cigarette’s main difference is that it is not organic, but rather a mechanical device. For it to work, an electronic cigarette has several components that are put together to make it what it is. E-cigarettes have a battery pack, a cartomiser and an atomizer. These three work together to produce a nicotine rich vapour through the burning of a special glycerin based liquid, mostly propylene glycol. This takes place through a process where the liquid is heated up in the atomizer after the user drags in air through the cig. A sensor activates the battery, which then activates the atomizer prompting it to burn up the liquid transforming it to a vapour.


This revolutionary creation has come with a host of benefits to a smoker. As an addict of nicotine, one thing that gets the best of you with the tobacco cigarette is its health risks. However, with the E-cig, the only thing you get is pure nicotine in vapour form. This way, you cut on health risks, reduce yellowing teeth and bad breathe. The e-cigarettes have no smoke or smell, making them convenient for use wherever and whenever you need; even in the rain. Apart from that, with electronic cigs you can choose on the kind of flavour you wish to take up. There are plenty of flavoured makes and models that one can get for smoking.


An E Cigs is one of the most economically profitable ways of having a smoke. One cig, in most cases is the equivalent of up to seven standard packets. This makes it the cheaper option if you get to do the math on costs. The e-option can either be reused or even disposable after several hundred puffs-about 500 puffs for the disposables. There is no doubt the electronic are here to revolutionise how you smoke; giving you a lasting solution for a healthier life.

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