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The road to success in modeling is windingly long and hard

by Jamesanderson

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The dream of becoming a model occupies many a young girl’s mind. She thinks modeling is easy and always envies the hip hop models she sees on TV and magazines. She can hardly wait to become a hip hop honey and start enjoying the opulent lifestyle she associates with hip hop modeling.

For most girls this dream fizzles out as they grow older but a few hold onto it, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to come out and actualize it. It’s well accepted that just a sliver of all aspiring models actually make it big while the rest fall off along the way. Hip hop insiders freely admit that the hip hop industry isn’t as rosy as they would want us to think and that in fact, it takes relentless hard work, guts, intelligence and luck to succeed. Once you know what hip hop models have to go through you will no doubt acquire a new sense of respect for every hip hop honey you see.

Droves of wannabe models flock to hip hop organizations simply hoping to make it big. Majority of these ladies are either very naïve or just badly misinformed about the industry and not surprisingly, casualty rates are very high.

Any smart aspiring hip hop honey is aware of the competition ahead and so she joins the fray adequately prepared. The first thing she will need is patience, and tons of it; overnight success on this side of town is unheard of. She will initially accept low paying and sometimes menial engagements so that she can start building a reputation and establish contacts. Many aspiring hip hop models fail at this stage because they don't have the patience to stick around when the going is tough. After months of hustling she will have a sellable résumé and useful contacts who can set her up with more and more lucrative gigs.

Arrival on the big stage is no reason for hip hop models to sit back and relax simply because hundreds of younger aspirants are constantly knocking on the door. A current hip hop honey’s biggest headache is how to remain fit and relevant. She has to maintain an impeccable physical appearance because her body is her prime asset. Going by interviews that Black Men Digital magazine has been conducting with hip hop models, a model must maintain a proper fitness and diet regime to remain fit and nimble enough for the job. A hip hop honeymust therefore deny herself some of the delectable things we love including chocolates and alcohol for the sake of her fitness.

Successful models take their jobs very seriously. Unknown to many, a model has to attend meetings with a myriad of important people, meet deadlines, honor commitments, pay taxes, and do pretty much anything else that other professionals do. A model who fails to stay fit, connected, and on top of her obligations, will definitely not be entertaining you for long.

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