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Earliest Uses for Numbing Cream for Painless Waxing

by justinecricks

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The absence of pain in childbirth or during a bikini waxing treatment can rightly be considered nothing short of miraculous. Luckily, science offers a wide range of anesthetic procedures to mitigate the pangs of childbirth and hair removal. For instance, painless waxing options now exist thanks to numbing creams.

Numbing cream for bikini waxing contains the active ingredient lidocaine. This anesthetic drug has been in use for over half a century. Lidocaine is commonly used either as a topical or an injectable anesthetic solution for dental treatments.

Lidocaine is a recommended anesthetic for patients who need to undergo teeth extractions due to dental fractures or infections. Lidocaine produces powerful numbing effects and as such is often administered in rather small doses. The dosage would also depend on how long the target area needs to stay insensitive to pain.

Hardcore tattoo enthusiasts may scoff at the idea, but lidocaine can also be applied on target areas before a tattooing procedure. This ensures a more pleasant experience each time ink and needle come in contact with skin. With such a potent ingredient, wax numbing creams are thus guaranteed to help anyone withstand the pain normally associated with bikini waxing.

A high-quality bikini wax numbing cream also contains aloe vera extracts that moisturize and soothe the skin. Aloe vera is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The extract thus prevents the formation of sores or lesions caused by germs that can infect the skin through opened pores. Aloe vera also provides welcome relief from genital herpes and psoriasis, a type of rash that affects many parts of the skin, particularly in the genital region.

The amount of numbing cream to be applied would likewise depend on how much hair needs to be removed. For instance, for a full Brazilian wax, it would be advisable to use an adequate amount of product to cover all affected areas and ensure a pain-free experience. The good news is that certain brands of numbing cream now come in kits that include disposable underwear, which helps keep the product in place and prevents unwanted stains on clothing. For more information, visit

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