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Lincoln Town Auto: A Brief Look at the Airport Limo

by earnestinenovick

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If there's one luxury car you'll see in lots of limo services, it's the Lincoln Town Car. Regardless of the cancellation of the vehicle post-2011, this luxury auto is still the choice of numerous Toronto airport limo services for their beauty, efficiency, and adaptability. While a successor is currently in the works, here's a peek at what made this limousine truly special.

The first Lincoln Town Car hit the market in 1922, the same year Henry Ford got Lincoln. The 1922 Town Car sported a passenger compartment that was totally enclosed, as well as a separate part for the motorist or chauffeur. The composition helped raise the auto to the standing of "a true American symbol of status and power." 2 years later, the rich and popular were choosing the Lincoln name.

The story of the Town Auto is a consistent shift between sleeping and waking up. After 1922, the brand name went dormant until 1959 with the introduction of the Continental Mark IV, a rare find in the car industry at the time. It slept again after that, just to awaken once more in 1969 with the introduction of an interior plan for then-current Lincoln Continental cars.

It wasn't till 1981 that the Lincoln Town Car became a different design, with all 3 variations created at a plant in Wixom, MI. All of these variations used a V8 engine (5.0 L Windsor V8 from 1981 to 1997 and 4.6 L Ford Modular SOHC from 1998 to 2011). The engine is something of a powerhouse and is normally seen in sports utility vehicles and sports cars.

The Lincoln Town Car could quickly be replaced by 2 new models: the MKT Town Vehicle crossover and another automobile closer to the initial Town Car. In the meantime, your airport limo in Toronto will need to be the third-generation Lincoln Town Car. It's still beautiful both on the inside and the exterior similar to the previous Town Cars that came prior to it. With its V8 engine, it can take you anywhere you wish to go, be it within or beyond the borders of Toronto.

For even more details regarding the Lincoln Town Car, have a look at Given that Town Cars still compose most of the limo service business, you won't discover them lacking in any type of limousine service.

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