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The Facebook Phone

by anonymous

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Facebook has been rumored to have been making a phone for the longest time.
 Well since the IPO release, Facebook has been in the headlines for
reasons other than just dropping stock price.  Facebook now has to prove
to shareholders that the company can make money.  Jumping into the
smartphone market might just make that possible.



the past week, Google completed its acquisition of the hardware maker Motorola
Mobility for $12.5 billion, which could mean that Google is going to be making
its own smartphone.  Heck, it already has the Android Operating System and
more phones than you can shake a stick at, but it’s very own Google phone?
 So far, the Galaxy Nexus is the closest thing to a pure Google phone that
we have, but a phone that has a Google logo on it?  It could be in the
works.  But don’t think that Mark Zuckerberg is going to let this happen


that’s been over at Facebook or knows someone that works there has gotten wind
that Facebook hopes to release it’s own smartphone by next year.  Most of
the people speak on condition of anonymity because they don’t want to burn any
bridges with the social networking giant.  To what extent they are in the
process, we don’t know.



company has already hired a grip of former Apple engineers that worked on the
iPhone, and one who worked on the iPad, according to the anonymous sources.



interesting is that this is Facebook’s third effort at building a smartphone.
 TechCrunch reported that they were working on one in 2010, and last year,
myself and Seed Corn’s president were at an event for the HTC Facebook phone
(code-named “Buffy”)… that phone never got off the ground.  That’s what
worries those keeping a close eye on this.  Hardware makers and Software makers
are two different animals.  Generally, outside of Apple, this kind of
thing doesn’t fly.  Hewlett Packard and Dell both tried to make a phone
and failed.  Sony’s phones have never been all that great.


Facebook to pull this off, it needs to have a kick-ass phone that just does
everything right, especially Facebook as a mobile app.  And if it can’t
pull of the phone construction, it could just buy a phone maker.  Research
in Motion is valued at $6 Billion, and HTC which they were partnered with for
Facebook phone 2.0 could be purchased for around $10 Billion.  Facebook
just received an influx of cash, around $16 Billion, from it’s IPO, so it could
do something like that.


it does, the clock is ticking.  Mark Zuckerberg definitely doesn’t wanna
exist solely as an app on other company’s phones.



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