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The Kinds of Computers Parts Available Online

by benitabolland

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This November, the latest title in the Call of Duty series is anticipated to be in the market, while by autumn 2013, its rival, the Battlefield series, is supposed to give out a beta version. Very soon, your computers will experience high-definition renders, cool graphics, and huge explosions, which are things you should definitely look forward to. But the more important question may be: "Is your PC prepared for them?"

It seems like just yesterday when the world first played 8-bit games such as Space Invaders; right now, gamers desire something more. This means that the computer must improve to keep up with the ever progressing quality of games in terms of game play, graphics, and so on. The specs of computer parts online should at the very least be a match for today's games. The following are concepts of what the gaming computer today should be like.


Intel and AMD are the two popular processor names in the computer market today. Their top-of-the-line processors are the FX-4170 and Core i7; but at more than $ 100, it's still rather highly-priced at this stage. Meanwhile, you can settle for processors like Phenom II (AMD) and Core 2 Duo (Intel).

Random access memory (RAM)

The RAM helps your PC play games more smoothly by gaining much faster access to the hard drive. Games that are heavy on graphics call for a faster RAM to work on, say 2 to 4 gigabytes. Several games, however, still perform smoothly on 1 GB RAM; so it's truly a matter of the nature of the game you wish to play.

Graphics card

In the graphics card category, brands such as Nvidia and AMD prevail with their Radeon and GeForce lines of graphics cards. The good news is that some top-class graphics cards are very cheap like Nvidia's GeForce GTX 570, a downscale of the GTX 580 but a step above the GTX 480. If you wish to play with a wider screen, go with AMD's Radeon HD 6970. This can support resolutions set as high as 2500x1600 with its high memory.

You can use the "Can You Run It?" tool online at for a great idea on the computer parts you may need for gaming. It can notify you whether or not your computer is equipped to run a particular game. For more details, get in touch with a supplier of computer parts from Dell or any other brand.

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