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Black Ops 2 and Borderlands 2 CD Key Information and Purchas

by johnsmithcan1

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Modern game development has brought us AA titles with budgets and executions that rival major Hollywood blockbusters. These high end games have stunning state of the art graphics and visuals as well as great storylines and gameplay which attracts a lot of gamers and enthusiasts. However due to the challenges of piracy, especially on the PC, game companies have enacted many online policies that safeguard their product and help gamers get the best experience thru online multiplayer and other value added services. Modern games like Borderlands 2 use CD Key authentication as one of the primary ways to prove game ownership and a pass to online services


Piracy and its Disadvantages


In the computer games industry, the PC gaming scene is considered to have the highest rate of piracy especially when compared to console based and handheld gaming systems. Many gamers with access to the internet often download their games illegally through file sharing communities and websites which allows them to play the game. However, there are several disadvantages to playing a pirated game. First, since there is no official support, pirated copies are often extremely buggy to the point of being unplayable. Second, unscrupulous individuals can package viruses and other malware as part of a pirated game package which infects the user’s PC. And finally, pirated copies cannot access online services included with the games including the all-important multiplayer features. A player without a legitimate Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Steam CD key will not be allowed to join multiplayer servers and this excludes the pirate from accessing a major part of the game which is even considered by many as its most important asset


DRM Systems and Online Activation


Game developers and distribution companies now often institute an activation process for their products which helps them reduce piracy and provide a way to extend premium services to their customers.  Most major game development companies have their own independent systems for authenticating their games but many are also part of game distribution suites, the most popular of these is Steam. Steam  is a game distribution platform where a gamer can use a single account for multiple games and even buy games at a discount. For example, a player will use his or her Black Ops 2 Steam Activation Code on his Steam account which will let the player download and play the game. This makes it a convenient option for those who wish to own multiple games but do not like to have to register to different services for each one. Steam is considered by many online gamers as one of the friendliest DRM systems available because of offline gaming options and other similar options


Authentication codes bought online like a Borderlands 2 CD Key can offer a gamer a hefty discount when compared with store bought boxed copies while still having access to the entire game as well as the online services included with it. Buyers should consider this option for their next purchase

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