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On the Fly, On the Ocean – Improvising a Vacation

by anonymous

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At one time or another, everyone has been faced with the problem situation of being unable to decide what to do next. Most of the time, it’s because of the sheer amount of options made available that one is left indecisive on what to do first, or last. Even a vacation can turn into a nightmare for someone who hadn’t planned the trip beforehand.

It’s times like these when the hapless tourist picks up a map of the locality and quickly picks the first landmark as the starting point of his vacation. While this may seem haphazard, it could be as exhilarating as bebop jazz, with the charm of its chaotic melody suggesting life lived on the whim of chance. If you can relate to such thinking, then perhaps you’d be interested in an “improvised” vacation

Improvising is far from being plain reckless—one has to sensibly consider what he has to improvise upon, not just slapping everything together, and hoping it all works. Thus, an impromptu vacation is something that has a definite goal in mind (to go out and have fun, of course), but shouldn’t involve patching together random activities, eager to make it an “experience”.

More often than not, the thought of an improvised vacation will have arrived at a moment when it is already too late to organize a proper vacation. If, for example, you wanted one of those cruise vacations, but missed the booking period, you would be in need of a suitable option.

Fortunately, there are such things as last minute cruises which make reservations available mere days before the scheduled voyage. These deals are offered at attractive rates by cruise ship companies that need to optimize the use of their facilities, but have received cancellations of earlier bookings. Thus, when one person changes his plans, another can indulge his whims, and go on the cruise instead.

So the next time you miss any of those cruise vacations or whatnot, carefully consider first what can be done to achieve the original plan (like those last minute reservations). If it’s not possible, compromise. And most importantly, enjoy. To give you a clearer picture of these opportunities, here’s a calendar of scheduled cruises:

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