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The Parenting Techniques And Its Effect On Today's Kids

by laurafobler

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Growing up I lived in a family where it was myself and 2 younger brothers being raised by an absent father and a devoted mother. While our father had little effect in our life beyond financial support, my mother devoted her entire life towards taking care of her children and making sure we had a healthy youth. She did not have the benefit of advanced parenting techniques as we grew up in a time where parents were simply expected to raise their children on blind fortune rather than with the experience of psychology. My youngest brother and I could very easily be described as healthy and happy children, normally appreciating exactly what was given to us and enjoying life most often. Granted there were times of rebellion or disobedience but these phases were short and few between. Seeing how my brother and I were, a lot of individuals would be expecting the same manner out of my other brother, while this could not be further from the reality.

While you looked at my family members my younger brother will easily fall under the category of aggressive children. My mother frequently tells the tale of him rising up as a happy child just like the rest of us until one day he took my grandfather’s spectacles, snapped them in half, and then laughed about the scenario rather than feel sorry. This started a very long pattern of naughtiness and rebelliousness which can even be seen in his adult patterns. It is important to know that there was no difference in love given and no difference of consideration, he just simply behaved in a different way in the most negative way possible.

When I was twelve my dad passed away and my mother was forced to start working which only appeared to worsen the scenario. Now free of supervision my brother immediately became attached to harmful influences like smoking, drugs and alcohol, frequently struggling with my mother and eventually bring confusion to our household. It is important to point out that even with our residence in disarray both my youngest brother and I had no change in character and continued to understand all our mother had ever done for us. In hindsight I begin to wonder the way things should have been different if my mother had access to the immense parenting techniques which are available to parents today.

I am now a father and have opted to take benefit of the parenting methods which were not available to my mother in order to help in raising my kids. I have read a number of unique techniques and have discovered that some of the most effective possibilities available were developed by Laura Fobler. Through her methods I have found incredible insight into the minds of children. I learned so much about my kids, because I am now able to comprehend as to why my kids act the way they do. Also, I now know how to avoid many conflicts and on top of that, the quality of the relationship between my kid and I, improves by the day! Learning about the techniques Laura Fobler mentions, I have developed a new way when it comes to raising my kids. And we all could not be happier! If my mother had the opportunity to use these methods, I am sure my brother’s life would have been totally different. Unluckily, I cannot turn back the clock.

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