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Excel abruptly post editing header information?

by jenymaria

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Excel allows you to insert descriptive text such as dates, titles and page numbers through 'header and footer' option. You can add some notes or references inside an Excel workbook by using headers and footers. This option helps you in providing additional information to a reader which cannot be accommodated in the original text or data area. However, you might run into problems while updating or editing an Excel workbook's header and footer information. Events like abrupt exit from the application might end up corrupting the workbook in question. In such scenarios, the best solution lies in replacing the affected workbook with an updated backup copy. However, if no such alternate solution exists, then the best way to recover your corrupt Excel workbook is using a third-party  Excel repair software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet containing vital information about the performance of your team members in a particular year. You try to edit the information in the header, but fail to do so as the Excel file crashes unexpectedly. When you make an attempt to open it again, it doesn't open. All of  the information stored in the affected Excel file goes inaccessible, leaving you in a miserable and helpless condition.


The Excel workbook might have gotten corrupt due to unexpected crash it suffered while you tried to edit header information. Corruption could also occur if you created an Excel sheet in an earlier version and imported it into a later version of Excel.


Workbook corruption is a serious problem for any user who loses access to the important information stored in it. You can derive the information from a clean and updated backup, but in case you do not have a valid copy available to perform  Excel Recovery things can go really tough to handle.

Nevertheless, you have a good chance of recovering data from a corrupt Excel file provided you select and download an efficient Excel repair application.  Though, you might find a number of such applications on the Internet, it is not advisable to trust just any. Proper research must be done before considering an application for the repair and recovery process. After all, you do not want to lose the information forever.

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