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Guiding principles for favoring a good PHP cloud hosting

by procloudhosting

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PHP or personal homepage or hypertext preprocessor is a server-side scripting language. With the help of PHP, we can create dynamic, interactive and lively websites and web applications for clients and for personal use. It’s a very handy programming language and due to the versatility of PHP, we can use it with MySQL and other databases. It also owns the ability to use his libraries.

While searching for a web hosting company to host your websites online, you should look for a PHP cloud hosting provider who will be capable of meeting your requirements and needs. Always look for the advantages and offers that come along with the hosting packages. In the meantime, try to figure out the hidden features and policies of the package. You should pay more attention to the database support with a PHP cloud server.

It’s not at all a hard task to find a suitable and good PHP cloud hosting provider for your business. All you need to do is to follow some simple guiding principles to choose the best one for your company. One thing we all must follow is not to decide anything in a hurry; it takes some time to get a really good PHP cloud server for your company. Perform sufficient research and analysis prior to hiring them for your business.


Guiding principles for choosing a good PHP cloud server solution:


  • Amount of bandwidth accessible.

The bandwidth can be defined as the total amount of data that is allowed for the website to transfer in a specified time period. It's one of the important criteria that should be asked for before choosing the hosting provider. This feature is very important for smooth running and proper functioning of your business.


  • The space provided for storage.

In the world of hosting; the storage volume or space is also referred as the hard disk space. Storage space is the space provided for you to store the information regarding your website and business. It should be made sure before signing the agreement. You should ask for the total amount of storage space provided for you to host your data. And also you should inquire about in case if you require additional space in the coming days.


  • Domain’s addition at later stage.

Many people avoid this completely, and later they suffer. You should pay special attention, because you may start with a single domain name or with one website but consider the future prospect of your business and there will be a day you may like to host more websites with the same PHP cloud hosting plan .Make sure that the provider allows multiple domain to be hosted over the same hosting plan.


  • Databases and its services

PHP cloud servers usually don’t prohibit or don’t limit the number of databases used by you. However, it's good to get clear about the plans and policies they maintain in their hosting. And also check that if they provide proper support for your database and how? The reason is that most hosting providers don’t supply third party applications.


  • Guaranteed Uptime

Server uptime is perhaps the most critical feature of your web hosting provider and the future prospect of your business. Uptime is defined as the period of time the server actually able to deliver the demands of the clients and users to the website. Preferably, an uptime of minimum 99 % should only be considered while choosing a good or an ideal PHP cloud hosting.


  • Price

As we all know PHP is an Open Source application. Therefore, the hosts offer affordable hosting plans on PHP cloud servers. Today many offer PHP cloud hosting plans at very modest prices.


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