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How Much Will It Cost You to Rent a Toronto Airport Taxi?

by earnestinenovick

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Exactly how much is the overall rate of hiring an airport taxi? The response to that question pretty much depends on where you’re going and the service itself. However, if you learn the different charging rates, you 'd at the very least have a better idea of how much you'll need to pay in the end.

Costs for airport taxi and limo services can be divided into two categories: basic charge and additional charge. The basic charge is simply the cost you'll be paying the service to bring you to just about any location in or out of the city from a specific point. For instance, in Toronto, the starting place is in Pearson International Airport in Mississauga. On the other hand, additional charges are miscellaneous fees for additional services.

Basic Charge

Perhaps you would like to visit the Scarboro Golf and Country Club from the airport. A great way of figuring out just how much it'll cost you to get there is by distinguishing the postal code of your destination. Later on, you can see the internet site of a handful of airport taxi services and utilize their online calculator to get the basic charge fee.

The Scarboro Golf and Country Club includes at least two postcodes; but because the building is located at the M1G side, it's more likely to be utilized. From Pearson Airport, the trip to the golf course totals to $ 62.00. If you wish to get to the airport from the club, the airport taxi Toronto vacationers depend on may charge another $ 62.00.


An airport taxi Toronto might also ask for extra for special conditions like having excess luggage, delays, waiting time, and animals in cages. Normally, it's most ideal to not keep the driver waiting since he might ask for around $ 35.00 for each hour he waits. If you opted to make a reservation for your airport taxi before your landing in Toronto, you might be subject to a small pre-arrangement fee. Additional taxis and limos are also part of the additional charges.

You can go to the site of any company that provides airport taxi Toronto to use their calculator and ask about additional charges. If you want a source for postcodes, you can check out

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