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Suburban Master Planned Communities

by liyo89

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Relatively new on the global scale, the United States can almost be considered to be an exercise in a master planned community. As early as the mid sixteenth century, a collective  real estate expert  mind was at work planning cities such as St. Augustine, Philadelphia, and Savannah. However, the idea of the master planned community has evolved considerably since these early days of the country and is now used in largely a suburban sense, although some cities like Coral Springs, Florida have only been in existence for about 50 years. With the new master planned communities being adopted on a small and large scale, a  real estate expert witness  can help when unforeseen problems turn into legal suits.


The latest trend in master planned communities can be found in California in cities like Mountain House. To avoid growth problems that are a common accompaniment to these types of communities, the city of Mountain House was created in 2003 with strict rules in place regarding population and expansion. Although the maximum number of residents for Mountain House is 40,000 people, the growth is limited by the number of employment opportunities available to residents. If the ration between the population and available jobs gets to a certain level, then all residential development stops. Measures like these have helped to make sure that the master planned community will be successful.


Of course, to develop a master planned community means a huge amount of planning and expertise. New innovations and ideas are appearing all the time and a true real estate expert that works in the planning of these communities must be aware of the most effective strategies for making the area work properly. Several American communities are now appearing that are embracing technological advances as well as renewable energy resources to keep overall operating costs as low as possible. With the right experts in place, these new master planned communities could be the future of real estate in the country and help to reduce the overcrowding of urban areas. While not every master planned community has been a success, those that employ concepts of smart growth have a high chance of success.

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