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Lower back exercises help to reduce back pain problems

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 Many people suffer from back-ache problems, which tend to become worse if proper care is not taken. There are many reasons which cause back pain; it could be as simple as stretching in wrong direction or lifting heavy object or over exercising. During this sudden activity the spinal vertebrae gets misaligned from its position and this imbalance of the core muscles cause pain in the lower body. Even poor posture and over-weight can lead to back pain. While there are many reasons for it, treatment and exercises can help the person to get relief from severe back pain problems. Lower back exercises are specially designed to put pressure on delicate spinal areas safely. Doing regular back exercises will help in reducing pain and give relief over time. Following are some lower back exercises, which can be of great help in reducing the pain-

  • Core bridges – This exercise mainly helps in building and strengthening core muscles. To do this, lie down on your back (supine position) and bend your knees so that the feet are in flat position. With your lower back in relaxed position try to contract your abs and lift your hips off the floor slightly. Hold this position for minimum 15 seconds and repeat five more times if you are able to do it comfortably.
  • Raising single leg – Lie in supine position on the floor, now bend your right knee so that your feet are flat with your hands in still position. Now slowly contract your abs and lift your left leg for few inches above the floor. Repeat it with alternate legs for five to six times and keep the lower back in place.
  • Rotation of knees – Lie on your back on the floor or in supine position on the floor. Now lift both your knees and hips to an angle of ninety degrees. Contract your abdominal muscles to bring your hips close to the knees and rotate your knees in the right direction. Repeat this for 20 minutes without putting extra pressure on the back.
  • Regularly do activities like swimming and Pilates, which are the best lower back exercises. They also stretch, strengthen and tighten the core. Yoga would also help in low intensive stretching of the concerned area.

Avoid doing any kind of high intensity workouts like weight lifting and sit-ups. Do mild exercises, which will help in reducing and getting rid of lower back pain

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