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Guard Your Home & Family With Security Cameras

by GadgetsFactory

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Whether you’ve personally experienced a theft, break-in, property damage, vandalism or you simply desire extra precautionary measures, security cameras are essential to one’s home security. Security cameras enable any home owner to record incidents without having to physically be on location at all times. Additionally, the mere presence of a security camera is a major deterrant for many would-be burglars.

Outdoor Security Cameras

What differentiates the outdoor security camera from other types of security cameras is the weather proof body and built in night vision function. Generally, they can tilt and pan so that a single well placed outdoor security camera can cover as much ground as several fixed security cameras. To secure your backyard, frontyard, office entrance or warehouse, outdoor security cameras are the most ideal option.

The Surveillance Camera

The use of the surveillance camera ranges from railway stations and university campuses to traffic monitoring. The typical features often included in surveillance cameras are:

  • Strong weather proof casings (IP 66 grade)
  • Operational over a wide temperature range
  • Night vision functionality
  • Anti-tampering alarms and mechanisms
  • High megapixel/HDTV resolution

The IP66 rating of these enclosures certify that these types of cameras can easily withstand the elements.

IP Security Cameras

IP security cameras are rapidly becoming the most popular type of security employed for small businesses and homes. It differentiates itself from the CCTV camera (Closed Circuit Television camera) by the ability to stream the video feed through the internet. It is similar in concept to webcams, such as those used for Skype and video calls. However, the term “IP Security Camera”, specifically refers to cameras designed for surveillance purposes.

IP cameras are available in two categories: centralized IP cameras and decentralized IP cameras. Centralized IP cameras are those which need a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) for the purpose of handling the recording, video as well as the alarm management. Decentralized IP cameras are those which do not necessarily need a central Network Video Recorder as these cameras are equipped with the feature of recording functionality built-in. Therefore these cameras are capable of recording directly to the digital storage media.

Hopefully, with this information, you can now make a more informed decision about which security cameras best match your needs.

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