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Steps You Should Take If You Have A Tooth Knocked Out

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Emergencies are inherently unpredictable, otherwise they would not be emergencies! A dental emergency is no different, and there is no way to know when an emergency might strike. However, by educating yourself about what you can do if a dental emergency arises, you will be confident and prepared in the event of such an emergency. Today we will discuss what you can do if ever you have a tooth knocked out. Losing a tooth accidentally is very upsetting - no one is happy with a large gap in their smile. Rest assured though that there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood of salvaging your tooth, and that treatment options are available to you if needed.

If your tooth is knocked out, our Rancho Cucamonga dentists first recommend rinsing the dislodged tooth in clean, warm water. It is important to just rinse the tooth clean; do not scrub the tooth! Scrubbing may wash away the tooth root and tissue attached to the bottom of the tooth. Once you have rinsed the tooth, it is best to place the whole tooth back in at the gumline. If this is not possible, do not force it. Alternatively, place the tooth in a glass of milk to help keep the roots viable for as long as possible.

Most successful tooth reinsertions happen within the first hour after the tooth has been dislodged, meaning it is imperative that you see a dental professional shortly following a dental accident. If however, your tooth cannot be reinserted, do not be alarmed! Many tooth replacement options, from bridges to dental implants, are available to restore your smile.

For more information about what do about dental emergencies, or about dental care in general, please contact our Rancho Cucamonga dental office.



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