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Upgrading Phone Systems Provides New Features

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Floridians seeking to upgrade their business telephone systems in Miami for increased efficiency and productivity may discover a plethora of features, some of which are brand new (to them) that can meet specific business needs. The beauty of using Internet-based telephony over traditional systems or cell phone plans is that you can customize according to need and only pay for what you use. Some of the lesser known features include analogue extension, call handling, call steal, hot desking, power conferencing, and phone system queuing. These are only a few of the many options available:

  * Businesses that use analog-based equipment such as fax machines or door entry systems can integrate their equipment into the communications system for maximum efficiency using the call analog feature.

* When an important client or customer calls your business office number, they will want a quick response, and one that doesn’t send them bouncing around from phone to phone until they land in voicemail. Business telephone systems can make a difference in the overall client experience when they call. For employees who are deskbound, Caller ID informs them of who is on the other end of incoming calls and can even automatically pop up relevant information on the user’s personal computer. Resources can also be accessed by twinning mobile phones so that employees can retrieve important information even if not physically present at the office.

* Call steal allows user to retrieve calls that have been routed to other extensions, such as voice mail.

* Hot desking allows extremely efficient mobility and cuts costs on overhead by providing multiple users with the same extension. Users log in with their own user names to access voicemail and use other functions, but multiple physical extensions are not necessary. This is an extremely useful tool for companies that run in shifts, employees who work from home, or for sales teams that are not desk-bound and do not need a specific physical desk.

* Power conferencing allows users to create and reserve online and secure conferencing functions with ease for improved communication efficiency. Numerous users can set up the application in order to register and attend virtual meetings, record important information, and generate reports. An extremely useful tool, this feature cuts costs in minimizing internal meeting time, as well as travel, and keeps productivity levels up.

Revamping business telephone systems in Miami with state-of-the-art technology can have a huge impact on improving efficiency and productivity levels, according to research, by more than 50% for small to-mid-sized businesses. Numerous features and products are available to improve communications quality, add value to efficiency and productivity, and increase profits and the potential for substantial business expansion.

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