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A quick and easy cycle repair guide

by anonymous

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It is very important to understand the basic maintenance and repair tips for your bike, which can reduce the chances of repairing it frequently. It is in fact quite simple and can be done easily at your own garage. First you need to verify the problem area in the bicycle, which can be identified by taking a ride. Below are the few situations where you might need cycle repair services-

1)      Repeated flat tires or punctures – This is a very common problem, which every biker faces in his biking experience. At times it happens that even after fixing a flat tire the tube seems to be punctured repeatedly. It means it is time to change your tire tube and even if the new tire tube keeps going flat, then you can check whether the rim strip is in position. If the holes in the tube are at the bottom, rim strip may go out of position. This can be checked manually and fixed.

2)      Creaking sound in the wheels – If you experience any creaking sound from the wheel while riding, good possibilities are of spokes being loose, thus creating the sound. You can lubricate the tube and easily fix the spokes, always remember to wipe off the excess lubricant from the area.

3)      Repairing the chain- Another common problem is related to chain functioning. Chain and sprockets on your bike play a key role in transferring energy from your legs to the wheels and set them in motion. At times it happens that chain comes off from its position either due to rust or loose chain ring bolts. One can easily check for loose chain ring bolts and fix them with a screwdriver. It is very important to lubricate the chain of your bike regularly to prevent rusting and friction while riding.

4)      Junk embedded in break pads or loose breaks – Every day use of cycles make their parts rusty and rough easily. It can also lead to loose breaks and the user cannot stop the bike when required, which is not safe for him. Break pivots tend to attract dust and wires become rusty, this can be easily maintained by regularly lubricating them.

Another important thing is to maintain proper level of air pressure in the bicycle tires which helps in pedaling light and easy. All these cycle repair tips will help you in long cycling expeditions and also prevent a lot of accidents.

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