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Best Kids Movies for Adults

by anonymous

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It is undeniable that it's quite difficult nowadays to look for great and best kids movies for adults. Though a lot of movies are periodically being released, more and more parents and adults find it difficult to escort their children and kids if ever they find no interest in the movie and that if they know that they won't be enjoying the movie flick. So for this reason, many adults opt to buy CDs and DVDs instead or wait for some time for the awaited or desired movie to be available for download online.

This has brought numerous movie sites to keep track on what are the best kids movies for adults that not only the kids will take pleasure in watching, but also their adult chaperon. If you will go through a couple of websites and read their movie reviews, they all have the same opinion that two of the best kids movies for adults this year are Battlefield America-Where Kids Rule released last July and The Amazing Spider Man, which was already available in cinemas in July 2011. Unlike other kids movies released this year so far, these two films are created slightly different from the others since they featured real life characters portrayed by real people.

Battlefield America-Where Kids Rule is a movie about two groups of little dancers who battled on the dance floor to win over another. This movie was inspired by another hip-hop themed movie entitled You Got Served. If you and your kid are into great dance moves, then you will surely love and get inspired with this movie. Another top 10 movies for kids 2012, that both kids and adults will enjoy watching is The Amazing Spider Man. This latest chapter of the Spider Man saga will not only capture the kids and adult's attention, but will take your breath away with its awe-inspiring stunts and 3D effects. Though this movie was shot entirely in 3D, it's not purely "kiddie" or boring, but this will also teach all audiences from all age range important lessons in life. If you have already seen either of the two, then you may try looking at other best kids movies for adults in some movie websites.

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