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How Osseointegration Bonds Dental Implants to Bone

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At  San Juan Capistrano Dental Implant Office, we are constantly reassessing our treatment objectives and methods based on breakthrough dental medicine that affects even the most routine dental problems. Our team is committed to mastering and implementing the latest technological advancements so that our patients receive the best care available.


Dental implants exemplify how dental treatment options have changed over the course of years. Traditionally, missing teeth were treated with dental bridges and dentures. These options sit above the gum line and simulate the look of natural teeth. While these options do allow patients to eat and drink comfortably, they require a dedicated maintenance routine.


Conversely, dental implants actually replicate natural teeth. Titanium roots replace the roots of the missing teeth and are surgically placed directly into the jawbone, thus creating a strong foundation to house the dental restoration.


After being placed in the bone, the small titanium root is left to strengthen as it heals.  The process of osseointegration occurs, allowing the titanium dental implant to bond with the natural bone of the jaw. It is this very ability of the titanium to osseointegrate with the bone which has revolutionized the treatment of prosthetic dentistry. Dental implants enable dental restorations to mimic the look and function of natural teeth.


After the titanium roots have been implanted and have completely healed, your Orange County Dentist pairs natural look restorations atop the titanium roots. Dental implants provide a permanent solution to tooth loss, lasting up to twenty years with proper care. Patients can eat and speak normally, with the implants functioning the same way as their own natural teeth.


Dental implants are most like your natural teeth in appearance and function. The development of titanium roots along with the process of osseointegration has given prosthetic dentistry its best option yet for treating tooth loss. The advancements of innovative dental medicine can help you reclaim your captivating smile, even after suffering from severe dental infection or trauma.



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