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Spa Etiquette The Basics

by anonymous

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Going to a spa for the first time can be an overwhelming feeling for a man or women. In this article, we hope to take off the edge and educate you a bit on what a first time spa goers should need to know.  All the best spas in NYC strive to create a tranquil and serene environment for their clients.  In return, the spa goers should follow these simple basics outlined here for a relaxing and enjoyable spa experience.


1. Book your appointment well in advance. It’s always best to pick up a brochure or review the spa’s website for their treatments, services and prices. If you need to cancel always give at least 24 hours notice.


2. Always request information on the treatment or service that you booked.  Sometimes this detailed information will dictate to you what to wear, what not to eat, or cosmetics that are prohibited.


3. Be sure to inquire about the therapist assigned to you. Some questions could be. How long have they been performing the treatment? What licenses they hold? Is the therapist a male or female? Do they have references?


4. Wear comfortable clothing.  The therapist should be trained in proper draping techniques for complete privacy and comfort.  All <a href="">skin spa nyc</a>, and luxury spas in NYC will provide you with slippers and robes for covering.


5. Arrival time is important. It’s key to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This gives you time to fill out any information then allows you to get into a comfortable relaxed state before your session.


6. It’s imperative to notify your spa therapist of any chronic conditions or health issues before the session begins.


7. Never have your cell phone ringer on. Remember, the reason why you are visiting the spa is to get away from the stress of everyday life.  Plus, you want to be courteous to other spa goers.


8. Allow the therapist to prepare you for your treatment. You really want to get into a relaxed state at this point.


9. Feel free to speak and give feedback during your treatment. It’s ok if something needs to be adjusted or something doesn’t feel right. If everything feels right you don’t have to speak at all.


10. Remember to relax your at the spa. Make sure every minute counts and go to a comfortable Zen like place.


11.  When your treatment is done take your time to gather your belongings. However, keep in mind there most likely is another spa goer waiting to use that treatment room.


12.  Don’t forget to tip your therapist.  Review tipping policies before hand and prepare accordingly, especially when at a luxury spa or destination spa.


13. Feedback is always appreciated.  Let your spa director know if your visit was a pleasurable experience. If not, management would love to know the issues to correct them.


14. Your therapist will now educate you on new products, and now is a good time to ask questions about what products works best with your skin.


15. The best way to enjoy a spa is your way. Just remember to always communicate with spa management and personnel to make your experience stress free and relaxing.


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