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Known Facts About Smoking and Vaping

by AlleliAspili

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Respiratory infection is one of the major causes of death worldwide, and smoking is one of its major causes. Smoking doesn't just negatively affects the respiratory system, but also every part of our internal systems. Regular cigarettes have substances like carbon monoxide and tar that decreases our respiratory immune system and destroys it. Smoking also adds to the risks of digestive problems, skin illnesses, lung cancer and all other diseases. The symptoms aren't visible at first, but when it shows, you should really expect a much worse situation. Smoking is addictive and habitual. Experts suggest that smokers should find ways to quit smoking as early as they can to lessen the number of deaths annually. Those who want to quit didn't become successful until “vaping” started.


Electronic cigarettes produces vapor. They can help smokers quit smoking and were introduced to the market earlier in 2007. People call it “e-cigs” today. Its designs and appearances are very different but most of the earlier productions' designs look like those of the regular ones. These days, manufacturers have been also producing more innovative and creative designs. It doesn't produce smoke and tar which is a very good thing! And first and foremost, it doesn't cause certain diseases like what regular cigarettes can. Even though there are assumptions about the health-related issues of electric cigarettes, internists and other doctors suggest that it's still better to stick to what has lower health risks than the regular ones having much more risks.


The act of puffing from an electric cigarette is called “vaping.” It is actually just turning liquid into vapor letting the user inhale it. The user can choose from the different flavors to vape. The manufacturers create them to add a more fun and cooler vaping experience. It doesn't have any bad odor that sticks to the users body, clothes, furniture and rooms. It works with a special heating system that turns liquid into vapor, just like boiling water. Allowing the user inhale pure nicotine without any chemicals coming from a regular cigarette gives them much more benefits. It's better than smoking, for short. The more advantages of using electric cigarettes also include how reusable it is. It is also convenient as you can bring it anywhere. Electronic cigarettes don't only benefit the user, but also the surroundings and everybody around. It doesn't produce secondhand smoke that causes pollution and cigarette butts wastes like the regular cigarettes. Those are the main reasons why internal medicine doctors recommend trying it.


Smoking have been causing hundreds of deaths for many years but there have been no records from vaping ever since it was introduced to everyone. It was just 5 years ago, that's why internal medicine researchers still try to get more data and proof on how vaping can really be risky or not when it comes to our health. Recommendations appear to be being updated about the current studies that the experts have been conducting. It's a way to be safe, sound and healthy.

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