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Everything you want to know about hybrid bicycles

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No matter if you are a professional biker or casual, choosing the right bike makes a difference. There are different types of bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, racing bikes, etc. for all kinds of biking environments. For those who are looking for hi-tech gear and expensive feature specialty bikes they should opt for ‘hybrid bikes’. These bikes are best described as a blend of mountain bikes and comfort bikes used for recreational biking. In short hybrid bicycles have characteristic features of both mountain and comfort bikes which are sturdy, comfortable, fast and best for riding on streets and paths. It is designed for general purpose utility use and for commuting on a variety of surfaces like paved roads, unpaved roads and trails. There are many variants of hybrid bicycles which are used and developed for specific road conditions. Some variations are as below-

  • Trekking bike – It is a crossover of mountain and road bikes with more mountain bike features for rough road conditions. They are usually packed with accessories like lights, panniers and fenders for trekking purpose.
  • Cross bike – It is a lightweight hybrid bicycle. This bike has more characteristics of a road bike, which is made of a road bicycle frame similar to racing cycles. These are usually designed with nearly flat handlebars to provide more upright position while riding. These bikes are meant for recreational biking and riding on pavements and street paths. They are usually not fitted with any fenders, panniers or lights.
  • Commuter bike– This hybrid bike is specially designed for commuting to long and short distances. It is created with features like lightweight tires and suitable mounting points to attach any panniers or load carrying baskets. It also comes with head lights and tail lights for commuting safely in the dark.
  • City bike – Just like commuter bike, city hybrid bike is also designed for commuting in the city and undergo rough road conditions in urban commuting. Its frame is quite heavy and sturdy like in mountain bikes which are created to handle urban road conditions like potholes and drainage grates.
  • Comfort bike – Comfort bikes come with tough mountain bike frame and derailleur gears. It usually comes with tall head tube to provide high upright riding position. They come with north road style handlebars designed for easy reach while riding.

Hybrid bicycles have skinny tires with rims and spokes designed like racing bikes. All these bikes are lighter in weight and come with high air pressure in tires to make it easier to attain speed while riding.

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