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How to check the fitting of bicycle helmets for boys?

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Cycling is enjoyed by all age groups right from 3 to 100 year old. No matter what the sport you choose, safety precautions are always recommended to avoid accidental injuries. Parents need to explain the importance of these safety measures to the children right from the young age. Every year huge number of kids go to hospital emergency rooms due to bike injuries. 90% of these injuries can be avoided by wearing a proper bike helmet. It is always advisable to check the fitting of the helmet before hand for a safe and secure cycling experience of children. Following are few important tips to make sure that the fitting of bicycle helmets for boys is proper-

1)      The most important tip is to buy a safety certified helmet for your kid. Buy the one with a rear stabilizer which cradles the back of the head and helps the helmet to stay in correct position.

2)      Now place the helmet on your child’s head. It should balance well and should not tilt back at any angle. To ensure the fit tie the helmet straps in proper manner.

3)      Helmet should fit snugly on the head and remain in one position. It should not slide from side to side or from front to back. If your kid can put two fingers on both temples in it, then it’s too big for him. Try a smaller size; however, you can also use fit pads for better fit.

4)      Pull the helmet straps out from the back of the helmet and tie a stable knot across your child’s chin. Make sure they are properly tied and not lose. Adjust the length of the straps and see that your child is comfortable.

5)      Ask your child to open his mouth to check if the helmet is pushed down onto his head. If this is not happening it means helmet is loose and you need to readjust it.

6)      Next you can put your finger under the closed strap to check the fit. After removing your finger, ideally it should snap back, otherwise it’s loose.

7)      Many times while riding the cycle or when the child falls from it, these straps become loose and helmet falls off. To prevent strap slippage you can tie a rubber band around it to keep it in place.

All the above tips will ensure the proper fit of the bicycle helmets for boys and will avoid injuries. Apart from the helmet kids should be taught importance of speed control and traffic rules at an early age.

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