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Want a Brand-new Hairstyle? Here Are Some Guidelines

by curtismchale

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Celebrities sashaying around Santa Monica, California aren’t the only people who can look their best at all times-you do too! You can begin by having a fresh hairstyle, whether it’s for a special occasion, or because you merely want it. Before you decide to don the first style that grabs your fancy in one of those glossy magazines, however, it might help to give some thought to a few elements.

Consider your face shape

If you've got an oval face, good for you; nearly all hairstyles match this shape. Otherwise, select a hair style that balances out the not-so-flattering portion of your face shape. For example, if you've got a rounded face, it's best if you select a hairdo that creates the illusion of an elongated face, such as one where your hair extends a little under the chin. Alternatively, you can lessen an oblong face with one-length hairstyles.

Highlight your most attractive facial features

Your hairstyle should also call attention to your most attractive facial features. For example, if you've big, beautiful eyes, you would like long, draping hairdos that include an aura of mystery and sexiness. Similarly, if you have a delicate nose or full lips just like Angelina Jolie’s, keep much of your hair behind.

What is your hair type?

Some hairstyles are simpler to pull off with specific hair types compared with others. Do you have straight, curly, or wavy locks? Does your hair look thin or thick with regards to volume? If you want a universally flattering style, opt for the V-cut, in which your hair is held behind, is longest in the middle, and progressively shorter on the sides.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Unless you’re sporting that hairdo for once only, be sure you know how to keep your preferred style looking like that on a daily basis. Ask a stylist at any chic hair salon Santa Monica has to offer about low-maintenance cuts. Stick to fundamental hair care tips, like not shampooing your hair daily, drying your hair carefully, and so on.

Have fun

Do not be reluctant to try out different hairdos. Through the help of a great salon Santa Monica residents trust, it shouldn’t be too hard to fix any hairstyle “catastrophes” on your part. That way, you could find all of the styles that fit you, and you can impress people, no matter the occasion (or lack thereof).

Your hairdo can say a lot more about your individuality than you think. Exhibit your genuine style with the solutions of a beauty salon Santa Monica offers. To learn more about hairstyles, see

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