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by anonymous

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Hello. I suppose I can sum myself up as being a person who accepts that he is and always will be flawed. Perfection isn't a goal that can ever be accomplished, but rather one that must always be pursued. And if I am to expect others to forgive the mistakes I make in my life, I should be just as considerate and forgiving as I'd expect towards others when they have wronged. In short, I make mistakes and if you strive for perfection incarnate I'm not going to lie or boast under false pretenses that I am any different than any other human you've met in your life. And I'm always willing to consider and forgive other peoples mistakes.


Looking for:

A person who possesses "intelligence". But, when I say intelligence, I do mean there is but one kind of intelligence. I believe there are multiple dimensions of what makes humanity's sapience so intriguing. It can range all over the spectrum of a persons personality, interests, upbringing, 'IQ'. Some of the more troubled, seemingly "dim" and "odd ball"' people (to Mainstream Society anyhow) I've found to be exceedingly more interesting than those society puts up as their bastions of what a normal individual should be like.

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