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Google Play in Android Market News

by matthewdroid023

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The latest  Android Market News portals have been getting bombarded with positive reviews from the experts about the recently launched Google Play Store. According to the Android application reviews, Google Play store is a revolutionized version of the old Android market, which is an all-in-one marketplace for the latest music, apps, movies, books and others.

Google’s announcement came as a shock to the experts as the old Android Market name was replaced with the new Google Play. Android app news had loads to say about the new Android applications available in the store, especially the ones that have been created for some of the latest Android tablets including the Google Nexus 7 tablet devices. In the Play Store, the apps pertaining to Music, Movies, Books and others have been renamed as Play Music, Play Movies, Play, Books, etc. There has been quite a buzz about the revamped Android Market on various Android review portals. The Android Market application which was previously available on the tablets and smartphones will now be replaced with the Google Play Store icon. The store is already live on the web and it is doing just fine. In the Android pad reviews, it has been made clear by experts that Google Play will be available to only those Android users who are using Android version 2.2 or later.

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Android market news has also stated on numerous occasions that the whole idea of Google rebranding its Android Market came from Apple’s iTunes store. According to Android Application Reviews , the rebranding of the Android Market will help Google to boost its revenue by making everything available to the users under one roof. With the end of the old Android Market, end’s an era but Google is not afraid to play its cards and it has made this clear with such a bold decision.

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