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Benefits Of Strength Training

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Resistance training is when you exercise with weights to build resistance so that you improve your muscle mass. Most resistance training routines consist of using weights with hydraulics or against gravity to build your strength and to increase anaerobic endurance, along with building your skeletal muscles.
The terms ‘resistance training’ and ‘strength training’ are often used interchangeably. Once you build up your muscle mass by using resistance training or weight training, your metabolism increases dramatically and results in a much healthier physique than you were before you started training. There are many accrued benefits to resistance training, like improved bone strength and density, better muscle mass and hence improved metabolism, which in turn leads to overall well-being and better agility and dexterity, proper cardiac functioning, and better management of cholesterol levels.
Resistance training has been proved beneficial to those with diabetes as it regulates the glucose levels in the blood stream. This form of workout also helps in regulating the sleeping pattern, thus ensuring that people suffering from sleeping disorders or depression can gain advantages provided by medication while avoiding the dangerous side effects. The increased endorphins in the brain can improve the overall state of the body and mind.
As with any other form of exercise, you also need to consult your physician before starting strength training in order to ensure safety while you are exercising and to rule out any hidden risks. If you have some health issues like sponderlytis or other back problems, then it may prevent you from undertaking any strenuous exercises, which might exacerbate the problem.
When starting on a resistance training regime for the first time, ensure you take a day off in between the sessions to allow your body to recuperate. Moreover, it is also very important to ensure that your exercise regimen includes working out all your three muscle groups on non-consecutive days to obtain the best results.
The ideal method for strength training is to choose a couple of exercises for each muscle group and to carry out a couple of sessions of a maximum of dozen repetitions of each exercise. A gradual increase in the weights used or moving on to tougher exercises can help in reducing the number of repetitions required for the same effort. But this step should be carried out only after a period of consistent training to obtain the maximum benefit.
Research has proven that while normal aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging, and cycling vastly improve a person’s cardiovascular fitness and endurance, it does not actually strengthen muscles. This can be accomplished only by anaerobic resistance training, which also improves muscle mass and bone density. So whatever your age and general level of fitness, it is never too late to start resistance training with weights to improve your quality of life.

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