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Medicine as a Career

by anonymous

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A career in health care or medicine is always considered as the noblest of all careers as it gives one a rare privilege to tend to an ailing fellow human being, care for him during the time of his need and in all good probability, save his life. So the course which trains one to be a medical professional, taken in the view of human-interest, is one of the most important courses that are being taught today.
As records say, <a href=""> Medical</a> education could have it roots in the ancient Greek civilization where the legendary physician Hippocrates is believed to have taught in the fifth century BC and had originated an oath that every medical student  takes on his/her graduation even today or One could also trace its roots back to the wonderland of India where two great physicians Charaka and Susrutha made numerous exploits in the field of medicine and then carefully documented all of what they had done setting the foundation to  the branch of medicine which is now referred to as Ayurveda.
 Whatever may the claims be, <a href="">medical</a> education has seen a sea of evolution since its birth and is now as exact a science as there ever could be and is one of the most academically oriented courses pursued by only the crème de la crème of the students across the globe. The beauty of medical training lies in the fact that the experiential skills that one develops over a period of time ,in attending to a fellow human being ,is attached as much value as the bookish knowledge that he/she gains learning all the texts prescribed as per the syllabus.
A bachelor degree in medicine has the recognition of being the bachelor degree of the longest duration taking almost four and a half years for completion followed by a year of compulsory internship. Though only one among a thousand could actually have the intelligence and aptitude to take a up a degree in medicine and come out in flying colors, he  becomes accountable to the rest 999 as they could very well count on his knowledge and  skills in medicine to keep themselves fine and fit.
India, being the expansive country that it is, has a vast share of rural areas that have very limited or in some cases absolutely no access to medical facilities. It is expected from every <a href="">medical </a> graduate to set out to these untouched horizons and heal the miseries of this impoverished population out there. But the reality is that most shun this challenge of rural service, for it being too lowly a job for a suave, sophisticated and well educated doctor and instead opt for hospitals in the cities or private practice. This is one of the most painful trends prevalent in the medical population of the country. Lucrative as the profession could be, being a doctor is about being morally obligated to the society. If that requires a doctor to serve in the rural areas, then he must be morally grounded enough to say,” So be it.”
But the scene is not all sad and gloomy the prevalent trends are slowly changing in the country. Leading colleges like Christian Medical College, Vellore are setting new trends in rural and community service and medical students are also undergoing an attitude-makeover, becoming more open to the idea of rural services. Rapid advances are happening in the field of high-end, life-saving medicines with path breaking researches happening in various institutes all over the country. With huge impetus on cancer research and the quest to find a drug that could work against AIDS, the medical field is developing at a mind-boggling rate.
What all this plainly means to a student who aspires to be a medical professional is that the time is right and ripe for him to get admitted into a <a href="">medical</a> school. Luckily the country has no dearth for medical Institutions that impart quality education. The institutes under the purview of the ministry of health and family welfare like AIIIMS and GIPMER and other private institutes like CMC, Vellore and KMC, Manipal offers quality education comparable to any top university in the world.
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