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Feast Like Kings in Knightsbridge

by Jackdavis

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We cannot help but think of the giant superstore when someone mentions the district of Knightsbridge. Home to the luxurious department store, Harrods, it gets people from all over the world to the capital. With the debatably-ostentatious Christmas lights, it makes the area look absolutely stunning; it’s just a shame not everyone can afford to shop there, decking themselves out, head to toe, in designer frocks. It might be considered a waste of money, especially when you’re no doubt going to get covered in the dirt and the dust from the city. Something more worthwhile to spend your money on would probably be on one of the girls from Knightsbridge escorts. Given how posh and quite lovely the area they come from is, can you even imagine just how spectacular they themselves will be? Don’t sit and guess, spend some time with one to find out for yourself. The district of Knightsbridge is often visited by wealthy Londoners, or those looking to grab a picture with a posh bloke. Who knows what the exact reason is; all we know is that the eateries surely have something to do with it. You don’t get class, luxury and incredibly fish dishes that are this tasty anywhere else in the city. Just behind Harrods (that’s right, there is it again), the restaurant on our list today is actually a hotel eatery. With its surprisingly chic thick carpets and a clientele that could not be more varied, The Capital gets interest from senior bankers, older ladies and retired admirals. With high end ingredients at top-end prices, it’s luxury all the way here. The chicken and leek terrine is most welcome, especially when it’s one of the most popular starters they have, packed full of flavour. The truffle and crab omelette or the veal medallion should be enough of a sign that this is not your local McDonalds. With a detailed wine list, you can be confident in your merlot or chardonnay. If you want something a little less pretentious, but still in a hotel environment (they just know how to do it right), Le Metro should be your first port of call. Not to be confused with the free morning paper, this fine establishment does a good trade thanks to foot traffic, word of mouth, and splendid food, of course. The rib-eye steak, the grilled salmon and black-olive gnocchi are incredible. And with a dessert menu bigger than you can handle, it’s no wonder it’s a little bit of heaven. Especially when the decor is just so chic! Taking place in a rather pleasant dining room, the choice of colours are bronze and gold; but it couldn’t be further from the garish hues you may associate this tone with. The floral wallpaper, polished wooden floors and intricate upholstery ensures this place stays as elegant as it does cool.


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