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Right Plumbers to do the Right Job at the Right Price in Sta

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Do you own a house, apartment, town-home or condo in Staten Island? In case a plumbing related issue/problem has not yet occurred, consider yourself lucky. Sooner or later, a plumbing problem will crop up. Still, some problems can only be resolved with the services of professional plumbers in Staten Island.

Nevertheless, when paying for plumbing services, it is imperative to do your research to make sure you avail a professional job done as well as good value for money. According to Blane Judd of CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering), “There have been tons of cases when property or lives have been put at risk by faulty plumbing installations carried out by plumbers without the mandatory qualifications.....”

Listed below are some important tips to look for in a plumbing service in Staten Island. Fair Price:

Ask first! Always avail a written estimate before the work starts. Remember though, most plumbing contractors have a minimum time fee in order to cover their visit. Therefore, even in case the task consumes 2-minutes they will still charge for half an hour. IN case you think the price demanded sounds too much for the required job, say you will get back to them. Then go and obtain some quotes from elsewhere.

Are they CIPHE approved?

Not all Plumber in Staten Island are the members of the CIPHE. CIPHE members have to hold accredited qualifications in plumbing genre and should have extensive professional experience; therefore it is worth checking whether the contractor is CIPHE registered.


In case you ask enough friends and family members you ought to be able to avail a recommendation. However, ask what service they provided and how long ago. Often, friends can be keen to help and they can simply end up recommending someone they know, but have never actually hired themselves. Goodwill is everything when trying to find a good plumber Staten Island.

Ask Questions:

Do not hesitate to ask and inquire. You are not a plumbing contractor or you would not be browsing for one- they know this fact; therefore, they would not be surprised when you ask daft queries. In case, they do not answer your queries happily or give absurd answers, consider it a 'red flag!' You need a contractor you can easily deal with, not a grouchy amateur, who treats you badly.

Ask them to explain to you what they thing is wrong and what action needs to be taken. In case, you do not understand anything they say or they shower excessive jargon, ask them to explain in easier and understandable terms. A good contractor will happily answer all your queries and will not be cagey regarding the work entailed.

Be Wary of Rouges:

Research commissioned in the autumn by GSR (Gas Safe Register) pointed out the fact that more than 90% of rogue gas fitters were carrying out bootleg plumbing work, taking away trade from bona fide plumbing contractors.

Now You Can Find a Good Plumber in Staten Island

You must now feel more confident for finding a plumbing contractor, as you now know what to look for, what to ask and you must expect. And simply remember once you have found a good plumbing service you can use them again and again.

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