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Break Room Supplies....

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Restocking Break Room Supplies 

While restocking a break room is especially important at the start of a new year, throughout the year supplies will need to be replenished. Remember, the break room is an important place where employees can go to grab a quick cup of coffee, enjoy lunch or unwind and recharge. Set the positive tone for your employees by making sure the break room supplies they need and request are fully stocked. 

Not sure which break room supplies you need? Keep this list of list of essentials handy each time supplies seem low. 

General break room supplies 

Basic break room supplies should include the everyday items that help your employees stay comfortable throughout the day. Because workdays include at least one meal, a lot of your break room supplies will probably center on food and beverages. And depending on the culture of your workplace, you might also include recreation items to help your employees take a quick mental break. Depending on the size of your break room, you might need to purchase heavy duty storage or file cabinets to hold necessary supplies if built in cabinet space limited. It is also a good idea to have a bulletin board in this shared space to post important office documents, a monthly calendar and possibly pictures from office events. Start by choosing some basic necessities and leisurely reading material, including: 

- Napkins 

- Cutlery 

- Paper plates and bowls 

- Plastic cups 

- Paper towels 

- Magazines 

- Books 

Coffee supplies 

Most employees enjoy having a cup of fresh coffee in the morning and some even continue drinking a few cups throughout the day. Consider keeping basic coffee supplies on hand in the break room for employees to use, including: 

- Creamers 

- Sugar 

- Stirrers 

- Filters or coffee pods 

- Styrofoam cups 

Office appliances 

The beginning of the year is a great opportunity to give your office appliances a once-over with a good cleaning, but remember it’s important to clean a couple times throughout the year as well. The beginning of the year is also the perfect time to assess whether there are any broken or outdated office appliances that need to be replaced. These office appliances might include: 

- Refrigerators 

- Microwaves 

- Coffeemakers 

- Dishwashers 

- Toasters 

- Water cooler or water filtration systems 

Cleaning tools 

Cleaning tools are break room essentials, and they’re perfect for cleaning up spills and messes that occur throughout the day. To keep the counter free of clutter, simply tuck them out of sight in a closet, storage cabinet or under the sink. Even if you have a professional cleaning service in the office at night, it’s still a good idea to keep cleaning tools in your break room. Some must-haves include: 

- Brooms and dust pans 

- Sponges 

- Disinfectant sprays 

- Dish soaps 

- Hand soaps 

- Mops 

- Buckets 

- Vacuums 

- Disinfecting wipes 

By filling your break room with these basic supplies, you’ll ensure that your employees have a comfortable space to relax. Be sure to keep a stock of break room supplies and refill them as needed.

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