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Beverly Diamonds’ Effort to Supply Conflict Free Diamonds

by liyo89

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When you are ready to pop that special question to the love of your life, and give the gift of a beautiful diamond ring that will symbolize your lifelong love for one another, you do not want to have to worry about the origin of that diamond being negative in anyway. Beverly Diamonds understands that the end consumer does not want to receive jewelry that has been constructed using conflict diamonds, and they are doing their part to impose strict self-regulations to insure that this does not happen.






Conflict diamonds, which are popularly known as “blood diamonds”, are diamonds that have been mined in war torn regions. The mining and selling of the diamonds has often funded the war efforts and cruelty toward many innocent civilians in these areas. When you are choosing a diamond to commemorate a special occasion, you do not want to worry that you are funding these actions in anyway. This is why Beverly Diamonds reviews the sources of their diamonds to be sure that they are conflict-free.






How does the retailer make certain that their diamonds are free of conflict? They do so by adhering to their own strict regulations, and by relying on the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This process certifies that diamonds originated from conflict free areas. If diamonds are being used to finance rebel groups or any other war actions, they will not receive the certification under the Kimberley process, and then will not be purchased or distributed by responsible retailers, such as Beverly.




Beverly Diamonds reviews the certification of the diamonds, but then goes a few steps further to make certain that their customers are not receiving conflict diamonds. They do so by not purchasing any diamonds from any sources that have been found in violation with diamond regulations regarding conflict diamonds, or buying diamonds from any areas that are suspicious of violations.






Beverly Diamonds also will not associate in any way with other retailers who buy or sell conflict diamonds. They train all of their staff to understand the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, and how to spot any sources or retailers who could be working with questionable diamonds. No consumer wants their beautiful wedding ring, which will be on their hand representing their love, to come at the cost of human lives, or cause any type of suffering. Fortunately, the diamond industry, with the help of trustworthy retailers, is taking steps to reduce these problems and stop the trade of any conflict diamonds.






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