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Worthy to Receive

by anonymous

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    Worthy to Receive

    Lately, I've re-discovered my enthrallment with all the 2-part, dualistic relationship of Giving & Receiving. It may sound so simple... Health Coach

    But sometimes, when I find myself which has a desire, on either end from the spectrum -- looking to give something, or longing for something -- it is usually an easy task to lose sight of what these things actually mean.

    It is possible to probably connect with the expertise of creating a need to RECEIVE & finding yourself used in an ideal circumstances web-sites who are planning to GIVE. Likewise, perhaps you have yearned to become and services information to others & somehow, you are then confronted with the opportunity give.

    Sometimes these moments feel like grace, destiny, PERFECTION, serendipitous, or even "meant to become."

    Sometimes, (and i also know I'm not alone with this!) I will be faced with these "perfect circumstances" and... I keep back. I hesitate. I shop around in confusion or I doubt myself. I make excuses for why it isn't really perfect or it isn't right.

    I wonder if or otherwise I have enough to present.

    I question whether or otherwise not I deserve to receive.


    Are you currently here before?

    It isn't an enjoyable location to be. Also it only HOLDS US BACK from living & to be the person we wish to be!

    GIVING... doesn't imply only giving precisely what is perfect. There is no one judging your gift, no-one to appease with your service.

    Giving implies that you happen to be opening your heart & both hands for the benefit of others. And that act in itself is ideal.

    RECEIVING... does not mean you need to do something to earn something special. There is absolutely no one who can tell that you are unworthy, no one that can measure your value.

    Receiving means that you might be show witness the gifts of others - to draw in them in, and also to get them to and a part of you. Knowning that ability, is the reason why you worthy.

    While i have a very want to give as well as to receive, then when I forget what these actions actually mean... I ask myself these questions:

    - What does it think that to get? Exactly what does it feel as if to present?

    - Simply what does it appear to be to receive? Simply what does it appear to be to give?

    - What's happening in doing my body & outside my body?

    - What is happening inside the space of my mind?

    These questions are certainly not very easy to ask. And quite often, I don't even wish to hear the answer.

    But Embodied Living isn't about only feeling the good things. Also it is not just about learning to take care of unhealthy things. While we are EMBODIED, we're embracing everything. We have been linked to the purest essence of the it means to get alive.

    And THAT is something I truly desire. I don't want to miss out Any kind of life, any possibility to give as well as to receive, any possibility to Connect to people & create more love on the planet, as a result of feelings of unworthiness or because I feel I don't have "enough."

    I have to Elect to believe that I'm worthy. I am beautiful. I am enough. Health Coach

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