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7 most common health problems and ayurvedic tips for summer

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Summer is a season of wonderful vacations, beautiful beaches, and tasty mangoes. But this also means ice cold beverages, longer sun exposure to harsh sunlight, late night outdoor drives, imbalanced/ improper food intake and so on. According to ayurveda, summer season are referred as pitta seasons. Almost 73% of the population miss out on such cheerful times worrying about common health problems.

The oily, spicy, sour foods, irregular sleep intervals, excessive body heat and so on develop as well as worsen acidity or pitta problems. This pitta is then carried forward during following season. Ayurveda strongly advocates, on time proper care during summer season for healthier, happier years ahead. Here’s a list of common health problems occurring in summers

Loss of appetite

On the onset of summer season, everyone suddenly gets alert about this problem but honestly, it is natural. Digestive system is weaker during these times as compared to winters. Additionally, one tends to drink more water hence, he/ she does not get hungry.

Tip­ Fruit juices can be a great option if you don’t feel hungry. Prefer natural fresh fruit juices over packaged ones.



Many people get tired of drinking water again and again because of its bland taste. This often causes water loss leading to dehydration. Normal water loss causes fatigue, dizziness, physical/ mental exhaust or tiredness which can be resolved easily. But a 15-­20% water loss can be fatal.

Tip: Normally, thirst is an adequate measure of body’s water requirement. So drink ample water whenever you feel thirsty. Having 2­3 cucumbers everyday during summer season can be a good idea as it has 96% water content.


Acne and blemishes

Sweat, oil, skin dirt etc. cause several infections including acne and pimples. Absence of proper care result in long term blemishes and scars.

Tip: Applying aloe vera gel can help a lot. Ayurvedic skin care medicines like Evergel 90 by Prakruti Jiyofresh can also be of great advantage.


Bleeding nose

Dried nasal membrane caused nosebleeds. Excessive body heat, nose prickling etc. cause this health problem. Weak blood vessels in nose also cause such problems at times.

Tip: Increase iron and vitamin C in your diet. Soybeans, pulses, chickpeas can help for iron whereas oranges, strawberries, lemons boost vitamin C levels. If you get cold during summer season, do not blow your nose very hard.


Prickly heat

Excessive sweat gets trapped with dead skin and several skin bacteria. This creates small sized bumps. When these bumps burst, prickly heat rashes emerge.

Tip: Keep your skin cool and dry. Wipe off excessive sweat regularly. Apply sandalwood powder, vetiver (wala) powder, or Epic Shatadhaut Ghrut by JiyoFresh if you get skin rashes or itchy skin.


Skin pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is determined by melanin production. Factors like stress, hormones, and excessive sun damage produce excessive melanin which causes skin darkening. But this does not make melanin your new enemy. Melanin acts as a protective layer against harmful UV rays. Keeping your skin healthy with the right skin tips plays a crucial role.

Tip: Dab coconut water/ coconut oil/ wipe off your make­up with olive oil can keep your skin hydrated. You can manage skin pigmentation by applying aloe vera once everyday for two weeks. Face pack made of sandalwood and rose water also reverse sun triggered skin melanin.


Heat stroke

In contrary to other summer health problems, heat stroke can be fatal if not treated properly. It occurs when body temperature rises above 40° C and cannot sweat properly.

Tip: Body organs react to heat according to one's metabolism. Avoid dehydration under all circumstances. Limit smoking and drinking, if a habit


Few add on ayurvedic summer tips for hair

  • Wash hair with cool water.
  • Replace chemical shampoos with an ayurvedic hair cleanser like Mamata shikekai or Abhinav shampoo by Prakruti JiyoFresh for a frizz­free look.
  • Protect your hair from severe, direct sunlight by using scarf, hat etc.

Add on ayurvedic summer tips for skin

  •  Apply natural aloe vera juice/ gel (without any preservatives/ added chemicals) in case of excessive sun exposure.
  • Use Tanutwak oil regularly to health excessive body heat.
  • Drink ample water. Take a wash after harsh sun exposure.

For more details on ayurvedic tips for summer season visit

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