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    70 May

    Mindset go pro with network marketing

    - It is all about your inner game and focusing on your Why.
    - Never let someone's opinion person get you out of your game.
    - Raise your belief in yourself and the product or service you represent
    - You can have everything you want away from life and also you deserve it
    - Should your exactly why is big enough the how to's will demonstrate up
    - Never compare yourself to anyone
    - Create dream boards and 5 year vision statements
    - Say affirmations twice a day
    - Have fun!
    - Be a product of private development

    Concentrate on Income Producing Activity

    - Share the product or service with new people
    - Share the means with new people
    - Make follow-up calls
    - Having home parties or bringing guests to team parties
    - Pique their interest --> use a tool --> follow-up --> 3 way call
    - Organizing your working environment and tools will not help you to the next step

    Warm Market

    - Be excited and transfer belief
    - Amateurs convince; professionals sort
    - Create a big list
    - Take people from not understanding to knowing
    - Result from your heart, educate your friends that are used for achieving this
    - Give them an out, "It may not be for you"

    Cold Market

    - Be excited and be normal
    - Build rapport first, find something in accordance and compliment them
    - Take a hurry, your goals would be to pique their interest and have their information
    - It's rarely ending so that it does not matter when they refuse, plus you'll never see them again if they are a no
    - They don't know you past
    - Will give you easy practice
    - Give them an out, "This may or may not be for you... "


    - Appear. Period.
    - Your team is going to do that which you do
    - Build relationships
    - Become familiar with more details on your merchandise
    - Will reveal and your team the larger picture
    - Be considered a promoter
    - Corporate conference is non-negotiable

    Getting Customers

    - Rest assured
    - Be a product or perhaps the product so you can share your own personal story
    - Find what they desire and appeal to their emotions
    - Be a professional storyteller

    Building a Team

    - It takes 5-7 exposures before they commit
    - The fortune influences immediate follow-up
    - Never convince individuals to join, you will end up dragging them through the entire process
    - Understand the energy that which you have to give you
    - Operate from abundance
    - Have fun and create long term relationships
    - Be confident, prospects should be certain they're able to win if they assist you

    Helping Your Team

    - How big is your paycheck is directly related for the size the issues you are able to solve
    - Work with the willing
    - It is a lot simpler to run together with the new people on your team than bringing flu distributor back again
    - Tend not to go into management mode, strengthen your team by showing them the correct activity
    - Promote and celebrate teammates doing the best activity
    - Be described as a mentor not a manager
    - Inspire your team by leading in the front vs motivating your team by pushing them over the finish line
    - Your team does what you do not that which you say
    - Lead until they could lead

    Using Tools

    - Make use of your tools (videos, magazines, products) to share with you
    - Function as the messenger not the message
    - Should your mouth is moving, you ought to be pointing to some tool


    - Have a workout partner you check in each and every day
    - Share and track the adventure that moves your organization forward
    - Example: tracking new starts, home parties, distributors that fast start qualify
    - Volume is not going to indicate that you business is going, this implies that you are already
    - Goes against your natural human instincts however it will call for out of your rut
    - You could make your weekly goals public with a small accountability group and weekly call

    Personal Management

    - Develop a system of non-public management (I use the David Byrd Planner)
    - Plan you day before the day begins
    - Put all things in your planner
    - Be proactive vs reactive
    - Tend not to depend upon your instincts
    - Never waste per day on ineffective choices go pro with network marketing

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