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Erect Penis Usefulness: Motivational Masturbation

by anonymous

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There are numerous ways to use an erect penis for fun, including masturbation in all of its many guises. Sometimes, masturbation becomes an excuse to forego activities or responsibilities. But men can train themselves to use masturbation in a motivational fashion as well. Men already know that masturbation can be good for penis health, as it keeps the equipment in proper working order. Using it to help "get things done" can now be an added bonus.


The idea behind motivational masturbation is simple. Many psychologists and therapists use a reward system in order to correct behaviors that are keeping a person from moving forward in a given area. For example, a child who constantly speaks out of turn in class may be given a sticker when she remembers to raise her hand. In the workplace, employees who make significant positive changes may be rewarded with a raise or a promotion.

In other words, a reward of some sort is used to help change a behavior in an individual. This is fairly standard practice.

Such rewards don't have to come from another person. Individuals often set up an informal reward system for themselves. For example, a man who needs to lose weight may reward himself with tickets to a special sports event if he meets his goal by a certain date. This motivates him to try harder.

Motivational masturbation 

For many men, masturbation may be a motivating factor that they can use as a reward for achieving a goal. There are several ways this can be accomplished:

- Short term. Motivational masturbation can be used on a short-term basis. For example, assume that a student has a paper which he has been putting off but which must be turned in tomorrow. By promising himself a glorious self-gratification session as soon as the paper is done, he can convince himself to move forward. It's even more effective if there's an added bonus to the promised fondling activity, such as trying out a new sex toy.

- Long term. The same technique can be applied to a long-term project. Take the losing weight example from above. Rather than reward himself with a special sports outing, a man can reward himself with an indoor sports activity. By denying himself any masturbatory pleasure until he hits his desired weight loss goal, he can have extra motivation to skip that dessert or to say no to that plate of French fries. This requires extra willpower, so making the reward more special may be necessary. For some men, who may not have been able to masturbate for weeks, simply the ability to finally achieve release may be sufficient. For others, perhaps allowing themselves an especially lengthy session will do. Men who are interested in trying a long-term motivational masturbation session but who worry about their willpower may want to consider wearing a male chastity device to enforce the "hands off" policy.

- Staged. Sometimes a man has a long-term project but feels that holding off on self-stimulating until its completion is just not realistic. A multi-staged version of the program can come in handy. This is essentially breaking the long-term project down into several short-term stages, with a masturbatory reward at the end of each stage.

Motivational masturbation can be a very practical use of an insistently erect penis. Of course, it is best if that erect penis is in good health – especially if the technique is used frequently. Daily use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can make a big difference. Since masturbation often involves some rough handling, a crème that includes Shea butter, vitamin E and acetyl L-carnitine is advised. Shea butter is a high-end emollient and vitamin E is a natural hydrator, so these two ingredients can moisturize and soothe a penis that has been masturbated a bit too strongly. That rough handling can lead to some de-sensitization, which is where acetyl L-carnitine comes in. This ingredient is neuroprotective and helps prevent peripheral nerve damage leading to a loss of sensation in the manhood. Keeping the penis healthy makes motivational masturbation more effective.

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