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3 Social Media Lessons

by anonymous

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In so many years of working with site owners, social media experts and clients of all sorts, we have seen some very interesting approaches to social media and also some appalling ideas put into action. We have witnessed posts and conversations on social media channels that should never have been made public as it stunned us how such an impressive company can come up with such low-quality client services. The truth is that is it all out in the open in the social media. You want to hire a cheap social media manager to save money, it’s all good, just keep in mind: it can affect your business badly.

This article will address some common issues on the social media channels. As surprising as it might be there are social media managers and managers of fan pages who are:

–   More focused on saving money than getting quality work done;

–   Not making a difference in between their beliefs and the company’s values;

–   Not willing to monitor their social media activity.

And here are:

3 Social media lessons we should all learn before setting up any SM account:

  • 1. Create a set of rules for the social media accounts even before publishing the first post. The company’s policies on all sorts of matters should be written down there, from mission and vision to how we deal with conflicts, what are the company’s points of views on different aspects. Having a book with rules will be the first step towards consistency as every person managing the accounts will have to read it and understand it before anything else. More than this, it should give information about the tone of voice used for the posts, what subjects are taboos and how to deal with complaints.


  • 2. Communicate these set of rules to all the employees in your company. We know that you were thinking that only the person or persons dealing with the social media accounts should read the book with rules and policies, but actually all your employees will need to learn about how to act and engage with the social media accounts should they want to do so. This will spare you the shock of finding on your fan page posts from employees complaining about internal affairs…. Yes, it happens a lot, you’d be surprised how often…


  • 3. Have one person in charge of the social media accounts. It doesn’t matter if you have a team of people involved in the social media strategy; you will need one person to supervise and make sure all the rules are followed by the letter. Choose this person wisely as she or he will represent your company in the eyes of millions of people.


Someone who can’t spell right or doesn’t have a strong work ethic is just not suitable, no matter how cheap they might come. Also, keep in mind that this person will need to show empathy and be very adaptive as she/ he will need to deal with complaints and all sorts of users. You just don’t need a fighter here. Attention to detail should also be on his or hers list of aptitudes as monitoring the social media accounts is an absolute must.See more at:

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