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"National Image Swap-Out Week" Spotlights Online Image Fatig

by williamkle

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Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey (July 21, 2015) – Everything gets tired after a while.Runners get fatigued. Metal gets fatigued and so do images. An image’s impact factor diminishes extremely quickly when used on the internet and so must be replaced or refreshed unfailingly.With the pace of the internet, the lifecycle of an image is very, very short. Why care? Images are interpreted 60,000 times faster than text.

Facebook recommends that image ads on its network be changed in some way every few days so quickly does impact diminish.Whether commercially used or not, images on the internet need to be changed with more regularity than is now the norm.    

Website owners need to focus more attention on changing images on their websites even before making updates to text according to The company has announced "National Image Swap-Out Week", an awareness campaign of the critical role images play online and to encourage changing (swap out) or refreshingnot only website imagesbut also creation of new promotional creative designs for social media, online media and print. National Image Swap-Out is July 20-27th.

Advertising journals use the term “effective frequency” to express a numerical range below which exposure is inadequate and above which, exposure is considered wastage. Many images on websites have seriously abused this standard resulting in excessive overexposure of visuals on websites, loss of impact and little return visually.

According to TAG,the benefits of routine updates and refreshes of images online are many. Image change is the easiest way to freshen up a website for visitors. Keyword tagged images make great SEO and newly-added images are something to talk about on social media.TAG recommends changing images at least quarterly as a general reminder but notes 4 times a year is a still a long time between image swap-outs.

TAG has introduced Quick.Click.Creative, a 72-hour custom digital design service to make creating new design art for business more accessible and affordable. TAG creates business art for social media, presentations, online advertising and general business use. For more details please visit

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