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Erect Penis Exhibition: Mastering the Masturbation Video

by anonymous

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As anyone who has spent even the slightest amount of time investigating sexual videos online knows, the world of masturbation videos is huge. The number of erect penis exhibitionists out there is mind-boggling, but perhaps shouldn't be surprising. Men tend to be enormously proud of their erections – and why not? – and so enjoy the opportunity to share them with willing and consenting viewers. Of course, any guy who is ready to post a video of his manhood in solo action needs to make sure he has been practicing adequate penis care so that the results are flattering. But aside from maintaining penis health, what else does a guy need to do to master the masturbation video?

Answer the anonymity question 

Probably the first thing a guy needs to do is determine if he wants to be identifiable from this video that he's about to send out to the world. This is a question about which a man should really think long and hard. Is he comfortable showing his face, not knowing exactly who is going to see this? What if the guy who runs the corner deli sees it? Will the masturbator feel embarrassed when he goes in for his morning coffee? Or will he feel proud and enjoy joking around about it? There's also the question of whether this is something a man may feel differently about 5 or 10 years from now.

Deciding whether to show the face – or anything else that may identify a solosexual artist – determines a great deal about how one makes the video.

Look at the equipment 

Once the identity question is decided, the man needs to take a good, hard look at his manhood. What is going to make it come off to its best advantage onscreen? For example, does the owner think the wild, hairy bush he sports gives him a sexy, masculine appearance? Or would he rather trim it so that it is neater? Or perhaps shave all the hair off the penis and testicles?

Are there things about the penis that he wishes to emphasize – or obscure? Would he like to show off his glans while perhaps detracting from the mole near the base of the shaft? Is the girth an asset he would like to focus on? Does he plan on spreading his legs, and if so, how does the area between his equipment and his anus look?

Decide on a persona 

Many men make masturbation videos simply to be themselves, which is great. Others feel more comfortable adopting a different persona. A shy, quiet man may become a rough, dirty-talking masturbator in the video, for example. Sometimes a man may need to make several videos, experimenting with different personalities, to find the one that he wants to share.

Think about the camera 

Most guys make solosexual videos on a solo basis – with no separate person manning the camera. It's wise to take a little time and do some trial runs to master the camera beforehand. See what kind of lighting shows the penis off to its best advantage. What angles are most flattering? (For those concerned about size, shooting from slightly below, so the camera is looking up at the penis and is a bit closer to the organ, tends to make it look larger.)

Use a skin care product 

Of course, vitally important is making sure the erect penis is in good health for the masturbation video. Regular use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can make a big difference in how camera-ready the penis is. When the camera is close up, defects in penis skin are quite noticeable, so using a crème with a combination of a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) is necessary to ensure a properly moisturized organ. In addition, a good crème should include a powerful antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid). By combatting harmful oxidative and aging processes in penile cells, a potent antioxidant will help the organ avoid that unappealing "wrinkled" appearance, which the camera will only emphasize.

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