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School Bus in Accident Because of Oncoming Auto

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When on the roadways, it is important for drivers to remember that not all vehicles have the same response time. Those who are accustomed to driving a compact auto that can come to a quick stop or quickly maneuver in and around traffic need to take into account the fact that larger vehicles, such as school buses and trucks, simply cannot react in the same fashion. This was strikingly obvious recently when an accident ended with a school bus at the bottom of ditch.


According to the Winston-Salem Journal, the bus ended up headfirst in the ditch after it swerved to avoid an oncoming auto. Apparently, the driver of the auto had thought he had enough room to pass a vehicle in front of him and travelled into the path of the bus. Luckily, the bus had just dropped students off, so no children were on board at the time of the accident. The bus driver, however, was injured in the accident.


The bus had to be towed from the ditch, and it took work crews some time to extract it from the small tributary to the creek where it had come to rest. Once it was back on the roadway, the bus was able to be driven on its own power.


As the Winston-Salem journal noted, it was very fortunate that there were no children aboard the bus because the accident that resulted in an injury only to the driver could have been so much worse if the bus had been full of students.


However, the accident itself is illustrative of why the driver of any auto needs to be especially cautious when driving near large vehicles. An auto accident is something to avoid at all times, but accidents that involve larger vehicles have the potential to be so much more serious because of the sheer weight of the vehicles involved.


In addition, when such a vehicle is likely carrying several children at a time, the potential for multiple injuries escalates when a school bus is involved. And the fact is, regardless of how skilled a bus driver or a truck driver might be, buses and trucks simply do not handle as quickly or efficiently as an auto or even a pickup truck.


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